by Tom Vanderbilt


Beginners Ideas

Beginners Ideas

  • 5 Stages of Knowledge Acquisition:

    Novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert, are the five stages of knowledge. Most people give up between Novice and Advanced Beginner. That’s because a Novice is when you are taking in the declarative knowledge of a new endeavor: you’re reading manuals and watching how-to videos.

  • Be Brave- Find Like-Minded Individuals:

    There is a reason you can google “cooking classes”, “ballet classes”, “singing classes”, “Zumba classes”; and that’s because as adults we tend to learn better in groups. That isn’t to say that lots of people can’t learn on their own (hello using youtube to learn Zumba) but adults tend to need approv

  • Kids Learn Easier Than Adults:

    Kid learn easier than adults for a couple of reasons. One is biological and the other is societal. For quite a few years children do not have societal norms impeding their ability to learn. Why is this? Because they don’t get embarrassed by failure. No child trying to learn to walk falls, looks arou

  • Childhood is Rife With Procedural Knowledge:

    Procedural knowledge occurs when you learn something that requires steps and skills to build active knowledge. Such as learning to ski, or cook, or learning coding. During childhood nearly everything is procedural knowledge because everything is new. But once we have obtained the skills to walk, tal

  • The Beginning Is Not The End

    Learning is a never-ending journey. We’re all born with an excess of potential and a deficit in skills — so for the first years of our lives, we devote time to nurturing the former while working on the latter. Once we’ve spent more than ten years attending school, it’s inevitable that the desire to

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