by Tara Westover



by Tara Westover



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  • It is Possible to Overcome Obstacles and Become Educated

    Educated is the life story of Dr. Tara Westover. As a child, Tara never imagined the word “Doctor” would precede her name; her parents had instilled in her the belief that doctors were socialists. She never attended school, never saw a doctor, and didn't even have a Certificate of Birth until she wa

  • There are people you can rely on, but you must first rely on yourself

    By the end of her education, her family had denounced her. Her sister Audrey was terrified Shawn would kill her, her father sided with Shawn and disbelieved that he abused Tara, and they all made her feel as though she were crazy and had fabricated her horrific upbringing. Thanks to her deep resolve

  • Life works in mysterious ways

    Tara had initially gone to college to study music but found herself taking classes about history, politics, and anything not related to music. She loved learning about the ways of the world, about people, and about society as a whole. Tara wanted to be more than what her religion expected of her; sh

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