Bad Feminist

by Roxane Gay


Bad Feminist

by Roxane Gay



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  • Films Help Hinder Progress Toward Female Racial Equality

    “The Help” was a movie released in 2011, it may have been celebrated by critics and audiences, but it was actually damaging to black women. It plays into the trope of the "magical negro," which is a stock character that exists to enlighten white folks about race issues or lend their unskilled male c

  • We Do Not Show Enough Care To Violence Against Women

    Rape is a horrific crime that can leave victims both physically and emotionally damaged, with a narrative that has been seen time and time again on television. There's a reason why some TV shows, such as Law and Order: SVU, are almost entirely built on stories of sexual violence toward women: such p

  • Reality Television Dehumanizes & Disrespects Women

    The term “reality television” is misleading. Reality TV doesn't present real life. Instead, it shows us a warped version of reality, one that's over-the-top, unrealistic, and stereotypical. While some women are able to maintain their boundaries, many are pulled into the fray, where they can't help b

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