Life Without Limits

by Nick Vujicic


Life Without Limits

by Nick Vujicic



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  • Giving to Others

    In the final chapter of this inspirational read, the author reiterates the idea that giving should be our ultimate goal. No matter how little we have, we are all in a position to make meaningful contributions to the gifts that we have. Giving does not have to be monetary. It can be kindness, a hel

  • Dare to be Ridiculous

    The pursuit of your dream involves the risk of looking ridiculous. People will not always understand your passion and goals, and that is okay. When you find the right team of supporters, and you have a God-given purpose, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. The author affirms that living acco

  • Trusting Others

    Following your dreams and your purpose is not possible without the right people around you. For Vujicic, that ‘dream team’ was made up of family and friends. He shares that although he often felt alienated at school, he never felt like he did not belong when he was home with his parents, siblings, a

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