It's Not Supposed to Be This Way

by Lysa TerKeurst


It's Not Supposed to Be This Way Ideas

It's Not Supposed to Be This Way Ideas

  • There’s something holding you back.

    Moments of weakness are only natural during times of grief, distress, pain, or disappointment. One thing leads to another and triggers a strong reaction deep within us. We don’t even have the time to think about the reaction, it just boils up within us. It’s the time when we want to scream or tell s

  • God is preparing us for what’s to come.

    Suffering is a dark place, to be sure. Sometimes when we believe we just can’t handle any more, more terrible things come our way. It feels cruel. It makes usfeel like we just need to survive. We want to scream and shout! We want to ask questions like “why now?” and “why me?” We ask God, “Where are

  • Coping with disappointment in a world where we expect and crave normality.

    Reality strikes hard sometimes. People have a tendency to want a life that looks and feels a certain way – we dream of things like a white picket fence, a perfect marriage, or a blossoming career. But part of this life is disappointment. When reality doesn’t deliver on those dreams, we attempt t

  • Create your own “Fighting Words.”

    “Awkward.” All of this can feel awkward. Life throws awkward moments at you when all we want is a bit of “normal.” And it can certainly feel awkward when we don’t know what God has planned for us.There are many situations that can make us feel uncertain, scared, or just plain tired, but we still ha

  • When, and why, the enemy is at work behind the scenes.

    Satan looks for us when we’re isolated. It’s at this time when he can influence us most easily. Satan studies us and our disappointments. Then he uses temptation, deception, and accusation to reach his goals. A temptation may seem quite innocent at first. It may even seem like self-care. Temptatio

  • Getting through each day.

    Sitting in the dust is one thing. We still have to get through each long day ahead of us, including today. Most of us are in search of quick fixes. We look for magic pills and instant diets. But counselors don’t prescribe a quick fix. Nor do doctors. Nor will God make a quick fix appear before us.

  • When it all turns to dust

    Sometimes pain can be really crushing. So crushing that it feels like our relationships, our finances, our families, our homes – whatever is not going well – have shattered. More than just shards, which could be put back together: it feels like what we once had has turned into dust. What we’re left

  • God's constant support

    Everyone has found themselves in a dark place at one time or another. It’s a part of being human and living life. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we suffer in ways that we simply feel we cannot understand, even though we try so hard. We look to God for answers, but in our darkest times, we

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