The Guest List

by Lucy Foley


The Guest List Ideas

The Guest List Ideas

  • Johnno

    The best man at the wedding. The most outwardly unsuccessful and least polished looking member for the wedding party. If it weren’t for their long history with Johnno the ushers and Will would have never thought to include them in their lives. As it is, Will and Johnno share history and secrets that

  • Will

    Good looking, successful, the world revolves around Will Slater. His ushers adore him, his best man will seemingly do anything to remain his best friend, men dream of being him, and women wish they could be Jules. Will’s father is the Headmaster at Trevellyans and Will had a lot to live up to in his

  • Aoife

    Aoife is an Irish businesswoman. She and her husband, Freddy, are the only inhabitants on Cormorant Island. Her entire family lived and died on the island and it is her deep desire to bring the island back to its former glory. Landing the wedding of TV star Will Slater and his magazine mogul fiance

  • Hannah

    Hannah is Charlie’s wife and Charlie is Jules’s oldest and dearest friend. Though their relationship grates against Hannah’s nerves, she willingly attends the wedding with her husband and is only worried about him drinking too much and losing his temper. But each of the main guests at the wedding br

  • Olivia

    Once a happy youth with a boyfriend and the world her oyster, Olivia is now a sullen, painfully thin, socially awkward person. After her boyfriend broke up with her for a friend of hers she went on-line and met an older man named Stephen. Several hot and heavy hook-ups later Stephen ghosts her after

  • Julia (Jules)

    The founder and boss of The Download, Julia is a determined powerhouse of a woman. She wants what she wants and she gets what she wants. Marrying Will after only a few months of knowing him makes perfect sense to her, if not to those around her. Julia cannot stand her father who has been absent her

  • Trevellyans

    Trevellyans, an elite private boarding school in England, is the school that binds all the ushers (Femi, Duncan, Angus, Johnno) and Will together. It is where their story starts, where the inspiration for Will’s outdoor show about survival springs, and where dark secrets began. Survival, a game wher

  • Secrets...

    Everyone on the island has a secret. Some are secrets just by omission; others come from fear and shame. Johnno and Will share a terrible secret. Olivia holds a secret that is slowly driving her insane. Hannah's secret is her lust for Will, but she would never act on it. Julia has no real secret; he

  • An Island of Revelation

    They all came to the wedding to either share their trauma or create it. Aoife, Hannah, Jules, Olivia, Johnno, all of their lives pivot around one man: Will Slater. Each has a secret to tell, a painful story to share, and none will leave the island the same person as they came. The story comes togeth

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