The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches Us about Living Well in the World

by Gary Ferguson


The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches Us about Living Well in the World Ideas

The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches Us about Living Well in the World Ideas

  • Appreciate the Elder Growth

    When creatures travel out into the world, there’s no better way to learn about survival than from the experienced ones in your community. Creatures like bears, sharks, and raccoons send their young out into the world with essential knowledge about how to stay alive. This is called “tutor care” — old

  • Natural Disasters Teach Us Perseverance

    Wildfires are one of the planet's essential mechanisms for rejuvenating our woodlands and prairies. When forests or grasslands become overgrown with dead plant matter, a natural wildfire comes along to burn away those dried-out leaves, branches, and other debris. This reduces the fuel load within th

  • Animals Enhance Our Existence

    Animals make for a special kind of life form. They're not people, but they're also not robots or machines. They're animals, and their ability to perceive and respond to the world is a fascinating thing. A study on rabbit behavior revealed that their brains release oxytocin when selecting mates — the

  • Connecting to the Feminine Heals the World

    The terms feminine and masculine energy refer to distinct ways of approaching the world. Masculine energies are characterized by action and independence, while feminine energy refers to cooperation and sustainability. Masculine energy denotes action, independence, and disruption — all necessary ele

  • Variety Intensifies & Strengthens Life

    The long history of life on Earth has led to a rich diversity of species: over two billion eukaryotic species alone, each with its own unique function. However, this diversity is the reason why nature is a resilient system — no matter what challenge comes its way, life can adapt to survive. With so

  • Life Thrives on Connections

    Our understanding of biology has changed with time as we've adopted a more holistic view. This approach means acknowledging the complex web of interactions that underlie the natural world. Walk through the woods and breathe in the fresh air. When we’re surrounded by trees, we can actually receive m

  • Wisdom From What We Don’t Know

    The natural world can be a source of awe and wonder. Even the most accomplished scientists feel inspired by the enormity of their chosen fields, but children, with their fresh, unbiased perspectives, are particularly susceptible to this quirk of human nature. Celebrating the natural world is a great

  • The Eight Master Lessons of Nature

    If the world feels like it is too complex for us to understand if we are trying to make sense of the vast expanse of information available in this digital age. There are aspects of this world that are completely beyond our understanding, but at the same time, we can't let that paralyze us. Instead,

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