The Mastery of Love

by Don Miguel Ruiz,Janet Mills


The Mastery of Love

by Don Miguel Ruiz,Janet Mills



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  • Stop Making Sex Taboo:

    Freud labeled it the Id (the mind), and the Super Ego (societal influence). Ruiz names it the body and the mind. The body has sexual needs that are biological, therefore people find other people sexually attractive. But the mind, which is the super ego, is controlled by societal and cultural norms a

  • Don’t Pick Partners You Feel The Need to Change:

    Don’t pick people you need to fix or heal. If you choose to be with a person and find yourself wanting to change them then your relationship will take the path of fear, according to Ruiz. This path is where you threaten and withhold from your partner, (or them from you) because you, (they), are tryi

  • Love & Accept Yourself:

    You are worth loving. You were born perfectly and if it weren’t for societal norms and influences you would love yourself as you are. But from 4 years old we are conditioned to learn to fear punishment and crave reward and that lends itself to our self-image. It also lends itself to our self-worth.

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