How to Win Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie


How to Win Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie



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  • Try To Understand Other Perspectives

    Taking time to see things from someone else's perspective may not be easy, but it's always beneficial. Not only can it help resolve a tricky situation, but it can also win the favor of customers and build a good reputation for your brand. Another benefit of empathy is that it can help businesses bet

  • Sway The Opinion Of Others Towards Yours

    If you want anyone to agree with you, start by convincing them that you are right. Find common ground and seek win-win scenarios — this is the best way to get people on your side and open up to you. When a person rejects a point of yours, it becomes very hard to change his mind. People typically be

  • Be Gentle In Disagreement

    When you and another person disagree, the typical response is to go on the attack. But if you can, it's best to avoid arguments altogether — and even if that option is no longer available to you, there are some tips to always keep in mind in this regard. You can't beat an argument by forcing your a

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