A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599

by Blinkist


A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599

by Blinkist



  • Shakespeare Used The Invasion To His Advantage

    When The Globe opened in July 1599, Shakespeare in one of his plays made a reference to the proxy wars in which England was involved in with Spain. This reference was quickly understood by the crowd and everyone was fearful that the Spanish were going to invade. Due to fears of the invasion, Elizab

  • Elizabethan England Was Involved In A Battle With Spain

    It is important to note some historical occurrences that happened in the 1520s before moving on. This was a very important time in England’s history. England was still a catholic country and it got instructions from the Pope in Rome. King Henry VIII wanted to annul his previous marriage and marry a

  • Shakespeare Also Had a Business Sense About Him

    Throughout England, there were signs that England would not return to the catholic church. This was visible in Stratford when Shakespeare was 7 years old. At least once every year, Shakespeare would go to visit his wife and children in Stratford. Shakespeare was a wealthy man even before his inve

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