The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank


The Diary of a Young Girl Ideas

The Diary of a Young Girl Ideas

  • Resolution

    In the last several diary entries, Anne goes back to her self-reflection. It was a very tough time. She wondered why the war had started, why she's being persecuted for being a Jew, and when it's all going to end. She wondered how the world could possibly go back to the way it was after all that it

  • Character Sketches

    Though Anne wrote the diary from her perspective, she had a talent for sketching the people she lived within resounding detail. Oddly enough she didn’t comment much on their physical characteristics. There is no lengthy description of each person's builds or coloring. This speaks to the odd worldlin

  • Food

    It comes as no surprise that when they first moved into the hidden Annex, the food was plentiful and healthier than at the end of their stay. Before they had to secret themselves off to the hidden Annex, the Franks had canned a lot of foods, such as cherries and rhubarb. In the beginning, there were

  • Pastimes

    It is hard to imagine what it must have been like to try and pass the time, day in and day out, without being able to leave and really without being able to communicate with anybody other than the seven people that were living in Hidden Annex. During this time, the children: Peter, Margot, and Anne,

  • Hidden People’s Dynamics

    Even though their day-to-day life didn't change very much in the hidden Annex, the alliances and dynamics between its members did change quite frequently. The Van Daan's were constantly fighting with each other. When they weren't fighting with each other, they were fighting with the Franks. Often,

  • Gone Into Hiding

    Anne’s life was pretty standard; she was even being courted by a boy she called ‘Hello’ when it suddenly came time to hideaway. Margot returns home one day and tells Anne that the SS has put a call out for their father. When, in truth, they had put in a call for Margot. At this time, they have no

  • Anne’s Personality

    Anne Frank was an intense young woman. Though the diary begins on her 13th birthday, she was worldly and immature all at once. She had a magnificent vocabulary and basic knowledge of a great many topics but her lack of real world and practical experience in most of the matters she spoke of, hints to

  • Daily Life in Hiding from the Nazis

    Anne Frank was a teenage girl during the Holocaust who went into hiding with her family for 2 years. While most know of the Holocaust and the Jewish people whom either perished or managed to escape, few know what day to day life was like for those in hiding. Anne Frank gives a vivid teenager’s per

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