Magnificent Sex

by A. Dana Ménard,Peggy J. Kleinplatz


Magnificent Sex

by A. Dana Ménard,Peggy J. Kleinplatz



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  • Empathy & Compassion

    Do you want excitement between the sheets? The answer isn’t necessarily learning new techniques or purchasing a sex swing. The answer may be being a good partner outside of the bedroom. Creating a relationship where you and your partner deeply love and respect one another, are compassionate and unde

  • Better With Age

    Whiskey isn’t the only thing that gets better with age. As we age we tend to get more comfortable in our bodies which translates to confidence in the bedroom. Aging also can give us more experience in life, and love, and sex which also helps us to know what we do and do not like in the bedroom. Ther

  • Be Vulnerable

    Open up. Share yourself and your fantasies. Get real; don’t be the person you think your partner wants, be the person that you are. Express your needs clearly, ask about their needs and what you can do to enhance their experience. Be completely transparent and kind with each other and a level of int

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